Earth Day Conference 2021 + 2 GUEST SCIENTISTS | Vianu Climate Detectives

Hello! 🌍

📚We’re a team of 9th grade students at Tudor Vianu National High School of Computer Science in Bucharest, Romania. We’re currently at our third participation in the European Space Agency Climate Detectives School Project and each year we try to extend our campaign to raise awareness and fight for environmental protection.

👩‍🔬This year on Earth Day (April 22), we’ve gone one step further and had two brilliant guest scientists: Jessica Schaub – an oceanographer at the University of British Columbia and Lori Waters – the director of communications and co-principal investigator of the ExoLab-8 mission to the International Space Station, both of whom happily answered all our questions and gave us precious advice on protecting the environment.


  1. 🦑Interview with oceanographer Jessica Schaub: 01:0503:12
  2. 🌳Vianu Climate Detectives Maria Neagoie, Vlad Carasel and Andrei Pirjol talk about the European Green Deal: 03:1307:12
  3. 👨‍🚀Interview with ExoLab-8 principal investigator Lori Waters: 07:1310:51

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