Moon Camp Pioneers [source: ESA Website]

The Moon Camp Challenge invites students to be pioneers exploring the lunar environment and develop a future moon base.

In the future, to enable astronauts to stay on the Moon for long periods of time, new infrastructures must be developed to overcome important challenges. Such challenges include protection from radiation and meteorites, energy production, the extraction and recycling of water, food production and much more.

Teams will develop a number of interdisciplinary scientific experiments to explore the extreme environment of space and understand how astronauts could live on the Moon. Afterwards they will 3D design their Moon Camp using a software of their choice and write a report explaining their project.

Their project should be adapted to the Moon environment and make use of local resources and provide protection and/or living and working facilities for at least 2 astronauts. Participating teams will compete for the Moon Camp Pioneers prize for best project.

Our Team

We are a team of six high school juniors from Tudor Vianu National High School of Computer Science in Bucharest, Romania, passionate about 3D modelling and Space colonization. After winning 3rd place in 2021 with our project PIoneers, we are now set to improve and enhance our proficiency in this field by participating in the 2023 edition! 😊

Our Project

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