ESA Astro Pi Mission Zero – Mentoring 7th Graders🛰️

The 7th graders outdid themselves and used the led matrix in order to display a (very-accurate I may say) representation of the European Space Agency’s mascot, Paxi. Thus, we were truly amazed to see both their creativity and accuracy, and so I could not forget to mention their idea here. That’s one of the reasons why mentorship is so rewarding, seeing little kids enjoying science-related activities, observing that spark in their eyes, and being able to guide their brilliant minds to creating such wonderful projects. 🙂

The other teams did not let themselves down either, representing our high school’s logo, rockets, and many other creative ideas with ease and enthusiasm.

At the end of the project, I was honored that the kids came to us and told us how much they enjoyed the experience, while also thanking us for the opportunity. Actually, I believe we are the ones to thank them for being such great students that love anything related to science, coding, and are always up for a challenge.

Project Description: Mission Zero offers young people the chance to have their code run in space! Students shall write a simple Python program to take a reading from the colour and luminosity sensor on an Astro Pi computer on board the International Space Station, and use it to set the background colour in a personalised image for the astronauts to see as they go about their daily tasks. [source: official Mission Zero website]

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