Internship – Assembling the microscope

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This week at my internship at the National Institute for Laser, Plasma, and Radiation Physics, I continued my learning process by disassembling the microscope, cleaning its components and then putting it back together piece by piece. In this way, not only did I boost my understanding of these engineering concepts, but I also learned how to properly clean the optics with acetone and isopropanol, and to place the mirrors according to the light sources.

Moreover, I operated with Raspberry Pi gear and ensured the functionality of all sensors, as well as the web camera. During this process, I made sure to note all the used pieces and elaborate a complete table. This table will be particularly useful as I am bound to continue the project of making accessible microscopes for schools. Further on, with the help of a Python program that I had previously developed, I was able to display the images captured by the digital microscope full-screen.

This piece of work was crucial for my participation in an International Festival, helping develop the project I, Human by Saint Machine, combining both art and science.

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