Another concern of ours was to find a correlation between the massive deforestation in 2007 and the shift of the seasons in terms of the amount of precipitation.

For this purpose, we analysed the rainfall amount collected from the nearest meteorological station to the county where the most important deforestation in Romania was registered (Station ID: 2056, BOTOSANI, Latitude: +47:40:48, Longitude: +026:40:12, Height: 161)

The analysis of the Summer-Autumn transition period (August and September) shows that after 2007 the difference between the quantity of precipitation in August and September is obviously smaller than the differences in 1961-1990. This evolution is suggestively captured in the radar chart showing a concentration and equalization of the monthly precipitation recorded in August and September in the ring corresponding to the amount of 80 mm whereas the maximum amplitude of a ring in 1961-2019 is 180 mm. Thus, there is an extension of Summer with 30 days using the monthly amount of precipitation as a criterion.