In our project last year, we investigated how the massive deforestation in Romania is affecting the climate. Now, we see it as an important challenge to study whether these changes of temperature do influence the existence of four distinct seasons. Considering that the usual four seasons typical for a temperate climate seem to gradually turn into just two, with sudden temperature changes instead of moderate transitions, we have investigated whether there is any connection between the aggressive deforestation, the precipitations, and the modifications of the seasons.

The project that we made last year was a wonderful opportunity to learn and explore the world of climate change for the first time. However, we felt the limits of data processing only with the help of the tools offered by Excel. We realized that the 20-year interval considered was not enough. We collected information from a single weather station.

Therefore, our main goals for this year were to:

  • Create our own script that would help in processing the data
  • Extend the analysed period to 60 years
  • Collect data from all meteorological stations in Romania
  • Give more importance to the data quality
  • Make our own website where we could post the research