• Analysed station:
SV-1 (latitude: 47.65 , longitude: 26.25, altitude: 375.00)

  • Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) Analysis:

Being in the center of Suceava, as the pandemic hit the city and restrictions have been put in place, SV-1 has registered a visible decrease in the amount of NO2. Having been a major shock to the economy, the industry in the city had majorly slowed down, leading to the difference visible in the chart. Ever since May, when restrictions had been loosened out, emissions have slowly risen back up, even surpassing precedent year ones as industry in the area came back to normal and people were able to leave their houses.

  • Carbon Monoxide (CO) Analysis:

There hasn’t been a huge difference between the two years when it comes to CO emissions, leading to the conclusion that the pandemic has not had any major impact on the CO emissions in Suceava. 

  • Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) Analysis:

In the same manner as NO2, as restrictions hit there was a huge downturn in the emissions of SO2, but as the economy was put back on its feet, emissions have even surpassed 2019 ones.

  • Conclusion:

There is no doubt when saying that the pandemic has reduced the amount of emissions in Suceava, even though the decline was not long lived and everything came back to normal as soon as restrictions were loosened out.