• Analysed stations:
TM-2 (latitude: 45.75, longitude: 21.23, altitude: 92.00) TM-1 (latitude: 45.72, longitude:21.20 , altitude: 88.00)

  • Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) Analysis:

We can deduce that almost in all of 2020 the quantity of nitrogen dioxide was quite smaller than the last year. There are impressive differences in March, May, August and December, right when new restrictions were put because of the Coronavirus.

  • Carbon Monoxide (CO) Analysis:

For the carbon monoxide, the things are a bit different. Although the level was lower in 2020 in February and March, when Coronavirus appeared, there aren’t very big differences until October, when the CO quantities seem to vary in sawtooth on both sides(well, we can see that in 2019 there was a slightly bigger quantity).

  • Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) Analysis:

At the start of 2020 (until the end of March, when the Coronavirus started infecting the population in Timisoara – biggest city in Timis county, where station TM-2 is located), the SO2 quantity was lower than the previous year. However, even though in October the quantity was still lower(new restrictions appeared), it seems that in November the quantity suddenly rose, this being an interesting “anomaly” to our expectations.

  • Conclusion:

It seems that, with small exceptions, the quantities of all of the harming gases were quite lower in 2020, so, thanks to the quarantine, Timisoara’s air has been purified.